“Start accelerating the future, especially when things are slowing down” with our new OGSM, 1-page business strategy services.

Calling all Dutch and Global SME entrepreneurs and businesses,

Entrepreneurs and business are experiencing a very difficult period, since a lot of industries are struggling to keep their head above water. Our human limits are being pushed, we have to keep our entrepreneurial and business spirits high, but we also have to prepare for difficult change. This combination may cause people to feel overwhelmed forcing them to consider giving up. However, no matter how hard this period may be, we have to start seeing it as an opportunity. An opportunity to create the future. In order to ensure a bright future; cooperation, flexibility and a large dose of creativity is required. We believe that, especially in these difficult times, strategic choices are more important than ever. Now is the time to (once more) determine the goals and strategic directions that will enable your business to reach its potential, even by working from home.

New Growth Strategies has been successfully helping companies and entrepreneurs with strategy and positioning for multiple years. It is therefore that, during this current challenging period, we would like to continue helping companies worldwide in adjusting and/or formulating their strategy.

That’s why we offer 25 Dutch businesses that had to close their doors because of the COVID-19 outbreak a free OGSM, 1-page business strategy.

Next to that we are adjusting our portfolio as long as the Corona crisis lasts and are adding 3 new SME propositions:

Smart OGSM

A top-notch tailored One-page business plan for your business and-/or team.

· Intake interview

· 4 virtual sessions via ‘Teams’ or ‘Zoom’ elaborated in OGSM, 1-page business strategy

· Including access to your own plan at OGSMsoftware.com for 3 months

· € 2.500

OGSM Masterclass

Enroll your business and-/or team in this masterclass about the one-page business plan. After the masterclass you will understand the OGSM ‘ins and outs’ and have a first draft of your own business plan.

· 4 virtual classroom sessions via ‘Teams’ or ‘Zoom’

· Group size: 8-12

· € 250


Get specific feedback on your business plan.

· € 250

Including tangible suggestions for alterations and interactive call with our consultant.

· € 750

Click on the above buttons or call Joost van Gelder (+31 6 13360453) or Marc van Eck (+31 6 24688254) for more information. If the ‘apply now’ buttons are not working you can send an e-mail to ogsm@ng-s.nl.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste, aldus Winston Churchill.”