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Marc van Eck


Inspiring and sharp challenger
Authentic and critical visionary who comes to the core quickly and really gets to you. For 18 years, top consultant at board level in the field of brand and organization strategy. Author of various bestseller management books, such as ‘business plan on one page’. Also entrepreneur in coffee (Medellin Secret), bags (Spikes and Sparrow) and underwear (I AM TORO), chairman of the Register Marketeers, chairman of the jury at the Effies and Dutch Marketing Awards and initiator of the internal Branding Group of NIMA.

Joost van Gelder


Positive critical innovator
Brings brands and organizations further by realizing focus and energy. Business strategist. Challenges managements and organizations, using his ability to connect. Has over 10 years of experience in FMCG and Food retail: Procter & Gamble, Albert Heijn and Marqt. Chairman of the NIMA Internal Branding Group. Foodie and founder of Smeris Peanut Butter. Enjoys the dunes and beach with family and plays hockey with friends.

Linda Rutten


Connecting and smiling
Loves to discover the unique strenghts of organizations and brands. Has a stylish eye for design and connects left with right brain. Strengthens the team on Internal Branding and Positioning. Originally from Amsterdam and studied psychology in Amsterdam, Berlin and Leiden. Previously worked as a communication strategist at ETCETERA / DDB Unlimited. half-Croatian, cooking enthusiast and thrill-seeking when it comes to sports: kickboxing, surfing and diving.

Joost Niepoth


Passionate and experienced

Marketing & Communication professional with more than 25 years of experience on both client as agency side. Pragmatic strategist. Versatile, all-round, thinker and doer. Likes to help companies with strategy and realization.

Active within NIMA as board member of the BtB committee and as a coach within the Career Booster program. In his spare hours you can often find him on the tennis field and golf course.

Alexandra Huizer


Creative and energetic challenger

 A strategist with creative thinking power and a positive team player. Thinks out of the box and with her catching enthusiasm she wants to get the best ideas out of people. Over 15 years of international experience in brand positioning, marketing strategies and communications within global companies in FMCG, Retail and Food business. A brand becomes credible for clients, consumers and employees by choosing a cultural relevant and distinctive positioning which is consistently applied.

Sports fan, fanatic tennis player and enjoys good food.

Lara Molendijk


Passionate and strategic brands enthusiast
Analytical and driven in getting to the core of a brand. Doesn’t stop at some advice on paper. Builds together with clients and employees on bringing to live in practice and is only satisfied when it gets noticeable for the client. Uses her energy to get others onboard and connects and inspires with passion for strong brands. Became a brands enthusiast because of her job as production manager at Trouw Amsterdam. After an insightful MBA got to work as a brand strategist. Has experience in both communication and strategy. Is most at home on her bike in Amsterdam.

Emily van Waardenburg


A positive and energetic people person
With a background in persuasive communication, she gets enthusiastic from understanding and responding to people’s reactions on persuasion techniques. For the same reason, she likes strong debates and appreciates honest and straightforward feedback. Doesn’t sit still often. Most of the time, she is busy with sports, day trips with friends, musical activities, cooking sessions, etc.

Jasper Duijf


Strategic thinker with creative skills and an entrepreneurial mindset
Rolled into marketing because of starting his own video and branding agency. Gets a lot of energy from fathoming people as well as brands, spotting opportunities and proposing and developing creative ideas and solutions. Always busy. Dream big, serious planning, continue to grow. Has passion for Italy, good food and good wine. Enjoys reading books or entrepreneurs in tasty breadmixes on mybread.nl. Gets satisfaction form winning together. Except when it comes to squash.

Tessa Schneemann


Creative strategist with economical background

After her studies in Economics, she worked for multiple leading retailers where she developed the love for beautiful brands. Is a go-getter, eager to tackle challenging issues.

Lived in Paris for half a year, illustrated a book and above all, as an Amsterdam-native, enjoys the city.

Carlijn Droppert


Social innovator with a creative mind

Emerged from psychology and marketing communications into the world of brands. Looking for stratification in brand thinking and exposes issues. Breaking through the conservative gives her energy. Likes to use her imaginative mind to do things just a little differently. Brings people together and thinks that ‘play hard’ should be put before ‘work hard’ more often, because having fun together strengthens your work.

Creative in the kitchen, not afraid of the stage and when she was younger she regularly appeared on your television while jumping out of airplanes or tearing around in racing cars.





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