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"A strong plan hurts, because you experience "toothache"."

— Marc van Eck (CEO and co-founder of New Growth Strategies)

What is OGSM?

What can you use OGSM for?

What exactly does OGSM stand for?





Curious about our working method with OGSM?

How did the OGSM model come about?

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Who uses OGSM?

Which companies use OGSM?

OGSM example


OGSM Business Plan On 1 A4

OGSM across the organization through cascade

OGSM Software

The OGSM template

Want to get started with OGSM yourself? Download the OGSM template here.

Reviews about working with OGSM

Curious about what Dutch companies experience with OGSM? Below you will find some reviews from our customers that we have helped with OGSM.

— Jeroen Pietryga (Ondernemer, voormalig Senior Vice President Marketing & Format Management bij Albert Heijn)

— Isabelle Spindler-Jacbobs (Voormalig Directeur Retail, Heineken Nederland)

Marc van Eck about OGSM Businessplan on 1A4

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