Phase 4 Anchoring in the organization


Looking for a way to gain independent insight into the extent to which positioning is already noticeable from the outside? The brand scan is an independent mirror. The scan uses the principle of a ‘mystery guest’ investigation by our consultants. Among other things, we test the following points based on the value compass: online information (website / app / etc.), service / products, design of the branch(s) / branch(s), offline information (brochures / posters etc.) in the branches, behavior of employees. We summarize the observations in a report. We supplement the scores on the various components with concrete recommendations for improvements.

Remarkable onboarding

How do you onboard new employees in a brand-worthy way? In brand-worthy onboarding, we explain to new employees what the brand is all about. They learn to translate the brand into work and behavior and get the chance to share their first (brand) experiences with the organization with their fresh outside perspective.

Customer journey check

Want to see in one overview what the customer needs during the different stages of contact? With the Customer Journey check we map out what the customer’s needs are and how employees respond to them from the brand. This in turn generates ideas for the development of new products, services and forms of communication.

Review and employee journey

What is a good way to bring about behavior change? To create lasting behavior change, we embed the brand values throughout the employee journey. This ensures that people continue to be guided by the brand values. Think for example of translating the brand values into (sharpened) competencies and integrating or redesigning the assessment process.