Phase 3 Experiencing in practice

Remarkable challenges

What is an interactive way to keep employees engaged? With the branded challenges, we further introduce employees to the brand values in an approachable way. Team leaders are given tools to explain the positioning and brand values to their employees. We then provide a number of challenges linked to the brand values to get started and create a team feeling.

Ambassador Program

Motivate ambassadors? With an ongoing inspiration program, we empower selected ambassadors to carry the brand forward and convey it to their colleagues. In recurring meetings ambassadors share their experiences and approach. They receive targeted tips & tricks to increase their influence. Supplemented with appropriate training courses, for example on the unconscious influencing of behavior.

Remarkable toolkit

How do you help executives keep the spirit high? The toolkit consists of practical and inspiring activation exercises and conversation techniques. These exercises and techniques help executives, preferably during natural moments such as a work meeting or BILA, keep the brand alive. Time investment varies from a few minutes to a half-day session. Includes training to get the most out of the toolkit.