Phase 2 loading in behaviour

Brand loading session

How do you help employees work with the brand? During a series of workshops, employees learn how to translate the brand into everyday practice to better understand it. Employees have a conversation in their own teams about what the brand means for their own work and behavior. This provides insight into ‘where we stand’. By discussing this with each other, you motivate and move people to reflect and make changes where necessary. Progress is discussed during a follow-up session.

Communication workshop

How do you translate position into communication? In this workshop for (mainly) marketing, communications and HR staff, we establish clear communication guidelines. In this way we ensure unambiguous and characterful communication from the brand.


Do you want measurable insight into where you stand as an organization? The Valuescan is a digital measurement of knowledge, attitude and behavior towards positioning. It provides insight into how employees view brand-worthy behavior and to what extent they already experience this in their environment. It also asks what is needed to work even more according to the brand. After two months a follow-up measurement takes place for adequate adjustment.