Phase 1 declare of the brand

Activation plan

What activities should you undertake to activate the organization? The activation plan consists of a series of coordinated activities with proven effect. For each phase we look at the concrete implementation of activities and planning. We make optimal use of the existing consultation moments and means of communication. The plan makes the progress visible and keeps the energy high during the process through ‘ongoing’ internal communication.


How do you enthuse a large group of employees all at once? During an enthusiastic kick-off presentation we take a large group of employees into the brand. The presentation is followed by a brand quiz and possibly a number of ‘games’ so that employees immediately start working with the new brand. They understand the WHY of their brand and their role in it; they have been introduced to the positioning and strategy, understand how it works for them and are enthusiastic about it.

Creative communication concept

Always recognizable communication? A creative communication concept creates unambiguous and recognizable expressions for employees. We develop the concept in line with the existing or developed positioning. We use this as the ‘carrier’ of all internal communication linked to Internal Branding.