Our vision on Internal Branding

At New Growth Strategies, we know that companies and organizations are proven more successful when they work from what makes them unique: their identity and conviction, or their brand.

It is important here that what you promise your clients and stakeholders as an organization matches who you are on the inside. That is why we help organizations achieve their goals by working with them to find their authentic, relevant and distinctive positioning and then translate this into a targeted strategy. From this strategy and positioning, we build an organizational culture with a focus on the customer. We call this: Internal Branding with the brand as the compass.

Because in addition to the brand, an organization’s strategy is an important guiding element. Where strategy is about “what” the organization does, the brand steers on “how” that happens. By activating both in conjunction, employees immediately understand how things belong together and can steer together in the same direction.

The Internal Branding Phasemodel

To action the brand and strategy internally, we work through our proven successful Internal Branding Phase Model. This model is built on insights into how to develop people. First, we get the heart beating in employees. We get them excited. Then they get to work with the brand themselves. In this way, the organization experiences what the brand and the strategy mean and how it can help them in daily practice. From heart to head. We then encourage them to actually work through the brand. This is expressed in both behavior and output. Finally, we help adapt processes and systems to anchor the change. The phases follow each other logically, but are not always strictly separated in practice.

Phase 1.

Declare of the brand


Phase 2.

Loading in behaviour


Phase 3.

Experiencing in practice


Phase 4.

Anchoring in the organization