Our clients

Quotes from our clients:

CEO of Smeding Fruit and Vegetables

. "2 Years ago our company was at a crossroads. Joost van Gelder of New Growth Strategies guided us to a new successful direction in a stimulating and challenging way. He challenged us about the status quo, gave us confidence and trust to make choices using the OGSM methodology. OGSM makes choices explicit and measurable. Since then, we are more results-oriented and agile than ever and use the OGSM methodology to guide choices and daily work with regular reviews to sharpen the saw."

Entrepreneur, former Senior Vice President Marketing & Format Management, Albert Heijn

"The OGSM methodology is an effective tool to start making sharp choices in order to lead in an impact way. I know of no better method that helps make choices so simple and effective. I am certain that OGSM is the right choice. So get to work now.... if you dare!"

CMO HMSHost International

"To follow the same strategy in 19 countries, it is important to have the process and ultimate goal clear. OGSM helps us work toward the same goal anywhere in the global Marketing & Communications team. Results are visible and measurable based on facts and not gut feeling. Joost van Gelder helps us make the sharp sometimes difficult choices and knows how to motivate the team to work with them."

Chairman KNVB, former CEO Endemol

. "OGSM forces you to make choices - what do we do and what don't we do (anymore). As a result, it focuses our time and energy on things that really matter."

Director of Retail, Heineken Netherlands

. "The logical structure of the methodology forces you to have the discussion with each other and make really sharp choices. You can also monitor whether you are on the right track and make adjustments, if necessary. I still use the OGSM methodology and am convinced that OGSM, when applied properly, really helps individuals, teams and companies move forward."

CEO Euro Pool Group

"OGSM is an easy and pragmatic tool to make strategy work. With OGSM we monitor the progress of desired results. This is important for our company and its divisions as they operate across Europe. Priorities and action plans, based on strategies, are set in OGSM and reviewed quarterly. New growth strategies help us achieve our goals and desired results. They also motivate the leadership team to be part of that journey and act quickly when changes are needed. OGSM has supported us to achieve year-over-year growth."

CCO Eneco

"I am a fan and supporter of OGSM because the methodology enables strategy execution: 1) The structure and process of OGSM forces you and your team to make sharp choices and define the strategy very clearly without vague ambitions and compromises. 2) Defining and measuring the strategy and actions in "what" and "how" is a strong way to see if you are doing the right things and gives direction on where and how to adjust the approach while achieving the goal-likes. 3) Cascading OGSMs to sub-OGSMs for teams and departments helps to implement and cascade strategy consistently and effectively in an organisation that is always a huge challenge. In other words, OGSM really helps make strategy work"

CEO Etos

"For me, the OGSM methodology is a strong tool for defining strategy and then communicating and implementing it through the organization. It enables rigorous formulation of direction and facilitates coherent cross-functional implementation. I worked with Marc in my previous job at Albert Heijn and now at Intergamma. With his sharp mind, he helps me and the team make the right choices and stick to them. It creates focus, shows results and at the same time stimulates team spirit."

CEO Hema

"Knowing the character of your brand turns out to give a lot of direction to the whole organization about how and in what tone you want to communicate with the customer."