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The one page business strategy – become successful with OGSM

Everyone has plans, but we often do not realize them. That is because many plans are simply not good or concrete enough and / or have too little support. With this book you learn how to make a (business) plan that works.

The methodology is called OGSM: Objective, Goals, Strategies, Measures. It is a plan on a one-pager (yes, you read correctly: one A4) that leads from vision to action. It connects ambitious objectives with concrete activities.

The methodology has proven to be effective worldwide. Many organizations have been using it for years, such as NASA, Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola. So get started if you want to be even more successful!

The succes of Internal Branding

This book is published in Dutch.

Strong brands are successful because they have many fans who speak positively about the brand. They buy more, more often and more expensive products  of that brand. This leads to better financial results and more employees who enjoy working for the company. The days when fans were won by making empty promises are over. A brand is attractive if it evokes a specific expectation and always fulfils it. To achieve this, strong brand positioning is needed. This book is about creating a strong brand positioning that fits the organization and at the same time is attractive to customers.

It is essential to ‘translate the brand positioning’ into the workplace, so that employees  are living the brand every day. The success of Internal Branding offers a theoretical foundation, clear and practical models and is packed with practical tips and practical examples.

A number of customer cases are presented (of: discussed), such as Hi, VVV, Eneco, Etos and Zuyd Hogeschool, including interviews with those responsible for the end result. Internal Branding is relevant in all sectors. And it is not just a matter of marketing, HR or communication, but it concerns general management and the board as well. 

Brand Positioning

Various brand owners, such as SNS, Coolblue and Albert Heijn, share their insights. Marc van Eck builds on this with sharp analysis and adds a theoretical framework. He shows how to give a brand a recognizable character, differentiate from your competitors and hence become more successful.The more emotional and human the brand, the stronger it will become.

“As marketers, we want to add value to customers, the organization and society. In order to do so, we have to identify the essence and the character of the brand, make it concrete and put it into practice consistently.  In this way, the brand will become an inspiring compass for the entire organization. That requires a lot of insight, knowledge and tenacity from brand builders. ” – Patrick Kuijsters, Marketing & Online Director at SNS Bank

Growth accelerators - 50 levers for every growth phase of your organization

This book is published in Dutch.

You are an entrepreneur or leader with growth ambitions. But the moment you think things are going well, you are facing the next barrier. You’ll believe this is a unique challenge – your company is unique after all, isn’t it? The pain experienced by growth companies appears to be less unique than you may think. Every growing company goes through the same five growth phases with corresponding challenges and growing pains. How do I make sure that I am and remain attractive to my customers and employees? How do I convince investors to  keep funding my growth? And how do I increase the scalability of my company?  A few of the issues that every ambitious entrepreneur or leader is dealing with. Marc van Eck and Markward van der Mieden describe how to deal with the five growth phases of  a company and make real impact with your business. Based on inspiring examples, they offer fifty practical levers to accelerate the growth of your company. The sky is the limit.