About us

Growing business and people together, that is the ambition of New Growth Strategies. With our own models and approach that are described in our books ‘Positioning, ‘Business Plan on one Page’ and ‘The success of Internal Branding’, together we create a distinctive positioning, a sharp strategy and a culture that is aligned with the positioning and strategy.

As an independent agency in the creative network of TBWA\ Worldwide, New Growth Strategies focuses on strategy, positioning and activation. If clients wish, we can also provide creative concept development under the flag of a TBWA agency.

Way of working

The working method of New Growth Strategies is fresh, pragmatic and modern with a team of ambitious professionals who want to achieve impact for customers. We are familiar with agile work forms and can adapt to the desired working method of our clients.

We have been specialists in the field for over 18 years and work across different industries. Whether large or small, international or local, public or private, corporates or hungry start-ups. Based in the Netherlands, but operating internationally. We can also provide creative concept development, especially for start-ups and scale-ups through design thinking, in which we specifically involve creative teams from TBWA.