Growing business and people together

Growing business and people together, that is the ambition of New Growth Strategies. With our own models and approach that are described in our books ‘Positioning, ‘Business Plan on one Page’ and ‘The success of Internal Branding’, together we create a distinctive positioning, a sharp strategy and a culture that is aligned with the positioning and strategy.


How we realise growth
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With a well-formulated business strategy, an organisation can make impossible goals possible. We help determine the course of the organisation and help with the implementation by creating the 1-page business strategy and cascading to the entire organisation. The result is focus and internal efficiency.


Strong brands capture the heart of the customer. We help brands and organisations develop a distinctive brand positioning as a basis for communication and all aspects of business operations. Including clear frameworks to actually realise it in practice. With an unambiguous brand experience and fans as a result.


A brand promise must always be fulfilled in everything a company does to avoid customer disappointment. We help employees to inspire and learn to conduct their behaviour and work in accordance with the brand promise. The result is greater customer satisfaction and high employee involvement.

Brand Trend Match


People love a brand but buy a product or service in a customer journey. Too often these do not match the brand in practice. We help to develop remarkable propositions and journeys that fit the brand and that people want to have or experience. The result is more turnover and stronger brand loyalty.

Our clients


During these master classes you will learn how the proven OGSM method works, how to make sharp choices and how to translate your vision into action. You will go home after the masterclasses with a concrete plan of action. There are 3 different Master classes: Introduction, Agile and Master.



In this cooker pressure Masterclass you will be taken through how internal branding makes your brand more successful. Why is it important? How do you go about it? Using striking examples and the Internal Branding phase model, the practice of internal branding is discussed.



Growing in your profession, as a person and in the organization. That’s why are promise is “Growing Business and People together”. And growing we do!!!            

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